Çukurova University Faculty of Architecture was planned to include all scales and dimensions of the built environment, and with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 22.09.2017 and numbered 2017/10975, it entered into service with four departments, one of which is in the establishment phase.

Our faculty draws its strength from its competent and experienced academic staff. Department of Landscape Architecture started its undergraduate education in 1981, Department of Architecture in 1989 and Department of Interior Architecture in 2000. The theory, design and planning education given based on the educational tradition of our departments is oriented towards practice and covers different scales of the living environment in which people live.

Our departments train both competent professionals who can design and plan the built environment, and academicians-teaching staff members who have acquired awareness of academic research. Our education and training programs aim to enable our graduates to comprehend the physical environment in all its dimensions in line with technical, aesthetic and ethical principles, gain knowledge on historical and contemporary theories, principles of application, conditions of comfort, production technologies, cost balances and legislation related to the field, enjoy mastery of the technical-aesthetic rules required by the discipline, identify and solve problems, and have a level of maturity to compete at the national and international level in the field of design and planning.

Our academic staff members continue their education, research and publication activities effectively and efficiently in line with the strategic goals of our University.

The management of the Faculty of Architecture, which adopts an innovative, transparent and accountable management approach, works with complete commitment to become an exemplary faculty and to improve its performance gradually, with the service it provides by using its areas of expertise and the available resources in the most efficient way.

This report, which contains information about our faculty, was prepared within the framework of the principles of accountability, based on accurate and reliable data, and the evaluations were made objectively.


Kind regards,


                                                                                Prof. Dr. M. Gözde RAMAZANOĞLU






As Çukurova University Faculty of Architecture, our mission is to provide our graduates with the ability to solve the problems they encounter in the architectural sector through analytical thinking, to make the principle of lifelong learning permanent in their lives, to develop their synthesis skills by following academic studies and by adding the advances in the field of architecture to their repertoire, and to raise workforce and academic individuals who will help in developing new ideas.

Our mission is raise civilized, contemporary, free, inquisitive, creative, dynamic and entrepreneurial professionals who are competent at the international level, able to compete in any environment, produce solutions to environmental problems, integrate their national identity with global values, are sensitive to historical and environmental values, prioritize the interests of society, keep abreast of and use the developing technology, and to contribute to the awareness of the society, its development and the development of the country through researches, publications and applications with high scientific value.



Our faculty's view of the world includes raising humanity by using all the possibilities of planning and design. Our vision is to be a contemporary, effective and exemplary institution in the transfer of acquired knowledge, skills and experiences to the society through national and international education, training and research.